Nature creates, your architect performs

A leading star

There is a special bond between art, architecture and natural stones. Among these, marble has always played a leading role. Thanks to its ductility, colour and shine it offers the artist, architect, craftsman and designer the opportunity to imagine, transform and interpret dreams, projects and desires.


Infinite shades of marble.

Nature has used – with marble – an extraordinary palette of colours for richness and variety and made it one of the most suitable stones for creative transformation. With its shades and veins it offers a multiplicity of colours ranging from pure white to absolute black, passing through the entire spectrum of natural colours.


Solmar, a dedicated space

The architect has to see, touch and feel the raw materials he’s going to use while creating his projects. Cmp Solmar has dedicated a special space, a place of experience and knowledge, where he can see the marble slabs live and where he can choose the slab that best matches his project, in terms of colour, grain and shine.


Nature becomes architecture

The architect is an interpreter and manages to transform what Nature has created by producing unique and therefore surprising projects every time. Since marble is not only artworks, masterpieces of extraordinary beauty, but also everyday objects embellished by colour, nuances and shine that only marble can give us.


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