In our kitchen? Only the Top of the Tops

A kitchen countertop can usually tell who you are


In the Heart of your home

The kitchen has always been the focus of the home and still is, even if it has been transformed from “hearth and home” into a place of design, innovation and technology. The kitchen is where the living heart of our homes keeps on throbbing and where most of our life takes place. It is not only where we create (and eat) our meals … It’s also where we invite friends, do homework with our kids, paint, listen to music, improvise dances to share on TikTok.


A top worktop

The kitchen top is the real star of this special place: it is on this worktop that everything happens, it is here that we experience our skills as a Masterchef, or at least we try to do so, even in the daily routine. Top, it is what they also call it, the worktop, the kitchen countertop: and if they call it top it will mean something, because top means in English the “upper part”, but also the best, the non plus ultra… and it is no coincidence, obviously.

Unique (stone) pieces

A stone, marble or granite worktop is a unique piece, pulled out – literally – from a real slab of natural rock, and then worked by the expert hands of Italian artisans. With its colours and its always different veins, slab by slab, worktop by worktop, it is a piece of nature that lives and pulsates in the heart of our homes: our kitchens.


Traces of our history

Our worktop is a stone where we can write our history, just like our grandmothers did, who on their marble worktops left traces and scents of hundreds of tortellinis, raviolis, loaves, and pizzas, kneaded and touched with their wise hands, full of love and care. Marble, however, is “delicate” – that’s what they say. Yet the true beauty of a marble kitchen top is also in the little marks that witness the gestures, habits, life that animates our kitchens.



Leave it to the experts

There are those who want a perfect kitchen worktop to preserve its beauty and shine; there are those who use it as a base for cutting, mincing, shredding, and others for kneading devoutly pounds of home-made pasta. When choosing a marble countertop, it is always good to listen to what the experts advise us, such as the specialized technicians of Cmp Solmar. They know the natural material well and, depending on how we are, what we do, how we live our kitchen, they know how to guide us in choosing the right stone and help us to know every secret and every treatment capable of making it more and more beautiful and “alive”.


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