Open book decoration

A kaleidoscope of shapes and colours 

Marble and beyond

Since ancient times, marble has fascinated many artists and artisans who have transformed the natural block of stone into unique artworks or elegant interior decorations. They sculpted, carved, and painted marble, they used polychromy and marquetry to embellish and enrich it in a continuous search for elegance, refinement and special effect


Special natural effects

There is a natural method to create a “special effect” with marble, a method that mainly consists in following the “artistic vein” of such a versatile and rich material. It is a very particular process that requires a deep knowledge of the raw material and a high-level craftsmanship. The final result of this processing is an incredibly graceful decoration, but above all, a unique and unrepeatable effect.

Open book

We are talking about the processing technique called “open book”. It is so called because it actually consists in “opening” the marble slabs of the same block as if they were the pages of a book, pairing them side by side. The created effect reveals the beauty of the natural veins of the marble in a kind of mirror game that creates kaleidoscopic designs.


How is it done?

First of all, we start with the choice of the marble block and the type of vein that will form the pattern and colour of the decorative element. The block is cut into consecutive slabs along the line of the internal vein. At this point the slabs are polished in a specular way, so as to obtain – starting from the veins – fantastic decorations that, mirroring one in the another, follow each other along the surfaces. It goes without saying that the effect achieved is always absolutely unique, special and impossible to duplicate.



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