As white as marble

Pureness and the seven colors

White is the color of purity, simplicity, silence. White is the snow that covers everything and cleans everything. White is also the color of the divine, of everything that is angelic and otherworldly. It is the color of joy and in many cultures also of mourning and remembrance. White is the symbol of the beginning and of the end. Of the tabula rasa and the plenitude. White light is the perfect fusion of the seven colors of the rainbow, and it is from white that we start walking towards all the colors of the palette.


White is not a simple word

If Pantone® has more than 200 shades of white, what does the world of natural stone tell us about this color? How many shades of white are there between marbles, quartzites and onyxes? Here is just a taste of what Nature generously makes available to us, because each stone gives us its tone, its nuance, its intimate peculiarity: Onice Bianco Extra, Carrara White, Calacatta Vagli, Calacatta Borghini, White Macaubas , Super White, Mont Blanc, Meera White, Cristallino Naxos, Sivec, Bianco Michelangelo …


Michelangelo knew it

Michelangelo and white marble: a powerful and eternal connection but above all a tactile and visual one. Our Artist knew it well, and together with him also the sculptors, architects and artisans and all those who work with beauty: Michelangelo in person went to choose the white marble he needed to create his masterpieces. It was a job that he could not entrust to anyone else. He had to see it with his visionary eyes, he had to touch and caress it with his hands to recognize, live, the stone from which his creature would be born.


Experience first hand

Just as artists know that comparing two or more marble slabs is an indispensable exercise for the realization of their project, CmpSolmar has always known that this is a fundamental step. A crucial moment in which we begin to transform creativity into the final result that was imagined and then designed. CmpSolmar gives its customers the opportunity to choose the material directly: you can do it from the website or, even better, in person, in CmpSolmar’s showroom, where among the hundreds of white proposals, everyone can find the color, the shade, the perfect nuances to create his “work of art”.

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