Calacatta marble, the king of design

From the Apuan Alps to the interior design

Calacatta marble comes from the famous quarries of the Apuan Alps and is extracted in the Carrara area, but also in Versilia and Grafagnana. It is a fine-grained white marble, with multiple veins and shades that have made it the protagonist – in its many variations – of Italian and international design. Calacatta marble is the material chosen by popular designer to create objects that have marked the history of interior design, such as the ’95 Table by De Padova, designed by Achille Castiglioni or the Saarinen Dining Table by Knoll, designed by the Finnish Eero Saarinen.


One name and many shades

Calacatta marble is characterized by the colour of the veins that enrich and decorate the warm white background with soft and shaded veins:

Calacatta Vagli extra gold, a white marble with golden veins


Calacatta Viola (also called Breccia Medicea), stands out for its purple / violet veins on a white background


Calacatta Borghini, characterized by golden and dove grey veins on a white background


Calacatta Luccicoso, a white marble with thin veins


Calacatta Vagli, is characterized by its pink and golden veins on a white background.



Calacatta is simply a must

The elegant and glamorous dining room has always had marble as the focal point of design. Marble tables are certainly the protagonists in furniture, not only the particular and refined marquetry ones but above all the dining tables in Calacatta marble. In fact, Calacatta, thanks to the refinement of the grain, the warm colour and the variety of veins, gives a unique and very personal touch to home furnishings. With Cmp Solmar you can personally choose your Calacatta marble slab and so become the designer of your dining table yourself, perhaps taking inspiration from the great masters of Italian design!


Your personal beauty spa is called Calacatta

Marble finds its maximum expression in the world of bathroom furniture. The ancient Romans handed down to us the passion for thermal baths and personal care, the Middle Eastern cultures the tradition and rituality of the so-called “Turkish baths” – the hammam – and the white marble, with its nuances, has always been the protagonist of these places. Even now, in our bathrooms, Calacatta marble is a symbol of elegance and refinement not only for floor and wall coverings, but also for bathtubs, washbasins and shower trays. This is why we can always transform our bathrooms into an enjoyable personal spa.


And don’t forget the kitchen

We cannot forget the leading role of white marble, especially Calacatta, for the creation of our best kitchen tops, a piece of furniture that is not only elegant and timeless, but is perfectly suitable for those who experience the pleasure of living their own kitchen every day, cooking, kneading and creating … just as we told you a short while ago here.


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