The magic of quartzite

Marble and quartzite

Are you planning your new kitchen? Doesn’t the marble kitchen top convince you? If you are looking for a sturdy, durable and easy-to-clean material for your worktop, quartzites represent a very interesting alternative. They have a mineral conformation very similar to that of granite, but compared to granite they offer a variety of colors and a range of veins very similar to that of marble.


Versatility and resistance

Quartzites are very versatile products and therefore very popular in the  world of design: they adapt perfectly to outdoor flooring and indoor and outdoor cladding, because they resist thermal shocks, abrasion and wear. And they are also used for the creation of beautiful design objects that enhance and highlight their natural brightness and brilliance.


From Brazil, in many colours

The quartzites come mainly from Brazil. From Nature they received colour and shine as a gift, which are declined in unique and unpredictable designs, for each single slab. They can be white, beige, yellow and orange, such as PATAGONIA quartzite, or dark grey with white veins such as NEGRESCO quartzite. But they also range from the brown of BROWN SILK or BRECCIA IMPERIALE to the variegated whites of SUPER WHITE or MONT BLANC quartzites. And if the effect is to be … surprising and you are looking for a truly unique colour, EMERALD GREEN quartzite will live up to expectations!


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