Our Valentine Grey, star of the kitchen

In London, the kitchen is dressed up in Valentine Grey.

An elegant London house, an encounter between sensitivity and functionality, an interior designer who knows how to interpret the desires of those who will live in that house over the next few years.

This is how the idea for this kitchen was born, refined and pragmatic at the same time. A kitchen that will not only be the “beating heart” of the London home, but also the place where design and fine materials have come together in a perfect union.

Our exclusive Valentine Grey marble is the great protagonist of this place, because it is able to enhance the interior design project, thanks to its polished finish that is a perfect match with the choice of the other materials, the dark wood and burnished steel and the honey-coloured parquetry.

The design is deliberately based on night colours, but it is the Valentine Grey marble that illuminates and gives a special light to the darker shades. Thanks to its white and golden veins, which make the dark grey background of the marble slab light and elegant, an extraordinary natural pattern is created on the kitchen surfaces, which is both airy and exquisite.

The result? A perfect mix of contemporary design and timeless elegance, with references to the ancient splendour of classical marble art to create a functional and refined kitchen. In a single word: simply wonderful!