Come with us into the heart of a marble quarry

Come with us to visit the galleries of the Calacata – Borghini marble quarry, famous for its Calacatta Borghini marble! It is in the sumptuous magnificence of the Apuan Alps that the immense doors of these extraordinary spaces, created over decades by the quarry’s specialised workers, open to us, ordinary mortals.

Plays of light and shadow accompany us on this journey through the magnificence of the gallery excavated in the quarry of one of the most beautiful and refined marbles of our peninsula: the Calacatta Borghini marble.

Walls and ceilings entirely carved in marble, masterfully designed by the natural veining of this extraordinary stone. We can only be amazed and remain silent in these rooms of immense dimensions, where even the machinery for cutting the stone appears miniscule.

Anyone visiting the quarry in the gallery cannot help but be breathless, surprised by the size, the peculiarity of the place, where time stands still and we can only admire Nature, capable of giving us such beauty, and Man’s ability to cut and transform a marble quarry into a cathedral.