After the success of the seminar, the guided tour by CMP Solmar with the Foundation of the Architects Registration Board of Milan.

Walking among slabs and blocks, touching them with your hands and discovering veins, chromaticity and many other details in each stone always has something magical and seductive. As well as a source of new inspiration.

The practice that followed the theory of the seminar at the Foundation was as complementary as it was compelling for the many who participated in the guided tour by CMP Solmar.

Marble, granite, stone, onyx, travertine, quartzite were the protagonists of the day, more than 300 types of materials from the most important quarries in the world. Moving between these slabs always makes the designer understand their uniqueness, the great potential to be offered to their clients.

There were many questions and insights on each stone thanks to the guidance of Edmondo Paglione, Carlotta Molteni, Vittorio Arnaboldi, Claudio Scuderi e Armando d’Addesio.

Couldn’t make it and would like to take a guided tour yourself? This is the link in order to organize it, it will take about 1 hour or more, depending on your needs and requirements, from Monday to Friday and Saturday morning by appointment only.

After last year’s great success of the event “30s – 100 Years of Architecture 1923-2023”, the seminar on 24 January and today’s visit, we are now organizing for the next spring event: the long-awaited guided tour of the historic Vagli Quarry, one of the best known in the world where some of the most renowned marbles such as Calacatta Vagli Oro, Arabescato Vagli, Calacatta Viola are extracted. One of the oldest quarries in Tuscany, today a reference point for the entire sector.

It will be held in May, if you want to join call us or write:, 370 3745266.