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Technical solutions to lighten marble and natural stone A mythological weight The difficult relationship of mankind with the "weight" of natural stone is ancient and tiring, if even Greek mythology tells us the story of Sisyphus forced by Zeus, as a punishment,

From historical facades to eco-sustainable solutions Artistic facades The facade of a building has always played a major role in the history of architecture. First of all because it represents the physical space that delimits the external environment of a building from

Pureness and the seven colors White is the color of purity, simplicity, silence. White is the snow that covers everything and cleans everything. White is also the color of the divine, of everything that is angelic and otherworldly. It is the

A kaleidoscope of shapes and colours  Marble and beyond Since ancient times, marble has fascinated many artists and artisans who have transformed the natural block of stone into unique artworks or elegant interior decorations. They sculpted, carved, and painted marble, they used

The marble veins and the shining stone The uniqueness of marble veins In the word marble resonates the echo of the Greek word marmaròs, the 'shining stone'. It was so called because of the very pure white marble, so deeply loved by